MySpace Worm – Raul?

Just noticed a few messages have suddenly appeared on the profiles of some friends and on my space.

The info box reads:

"Raul owns this bitch! ***Inland_Empire***"

Heroes box:

but most of all Raul is my hero, not sammy!

Who I’d like to meet:

…and ofcourse sexy Raul!

 I suppose this guy has created a worm by using a MySpace XSS attack like Samy. I can’t find any info on the net about it yet; has anyone else got this? 


Definitely a worm. I’ve found a new line of Javascript in my profile.

Myspace Worm

Update 2

It seems like this worm doesn’t add a user called nimajneB after all as reported earlier.

I analyzed the Javascript in the worm and it seems to just edit the profile and add it’s own Javascript and a bit of text. There is a reference to a friendme.js file which I presume is supposed to add a user to the friends list. It didn’t work for me but I suspect it might be IE-only. 

Update 3

  • You catch this worm simply by visiting the MySpace page of an infected user.
  • You can remove the worm by going to "Edit Profile" and removing the code it added.
  • You will be infected again simply by visiting the page of an infected user so don’t be surprised; it’ll probably come back again.

21 thoughts on “MySpace Worm – Raul?

  1. Using obscure none blocked characters allowed me to add javascript to my profile the other week, myspace really aren’t that tight on the security front to be honest khlo.

  2. what is a worm ?

    who is this homo raul?

    why is creating a worm funny?

    i think that is the work of an asshole or a loser.

    there are only three options raul:

    A) raul is an asshole

    B) raul is a loser

    C) both A & B are correct

    that’s it. and that is sad  

  3. Worms are intresting things, exploit myspace in funny ways, and in ways that aren’t really detrimental to it but show exploits that if people wanted to could REALLY take advantage off.

  4. thanks-

    so is raul a cool dude?

    is he providing a service?

    i have a tough enough time without any outside influences as it is. and any little vibe or just look at my computer wrong and shaka when the walls came down at tanaga….


    see here is my deal if i had been castrated when i was ten or elevenyears old, I would’ve been president of the united states of america by the time i was twenty-one.  do you get my point?

    all of this guys smarts and energies are being squandered by putting worms on myspace. lets look at that- he "puts worms in myspace"

    hello mcfly… AND! AND! he is anywhere from slightly agitating to just f..king pissing the hell off, all the hot chicks on myspace. thats shit-for-brains kinda material 

  5. oh sorry if i offended anyone , i guess raul included.

    i’m knew to this somewhat.  is there ethics or a unwritten law or code that hackers live buy or adhere to ? does that change depending on…? the venue? the notoriety?

    ie- if one could hack into the irs or SocSec or whatever hypothetically, that would be a prestigious notch on ones rifle stock right? but with it there is certainty that things will get delayed until the computers are back online. therefore a percentage of seniors won’t get their checks on time maybe causing nsf penalties etc. it could be disasterous starting a snowball effect of financial ruin for someone that can’t nor should have to bounce back- and i haven’t even started on medications   

  6. This is less to do with hacking, and hacking community. He certainly would of gained kudos for writing a worm and getting recognised but certainly the people who seem to mess around with MySpace are usually not the smartest outside their code. One man said he would send out millions of porn links to every user if Tom didn’t give him money and so they arranged a flight for him to meet Tom, at the end of the flight there were police ready to arrest him on several charges.

     Remember there is a difference between hackers and crackers. Hackers are people who generally spend time working on different bits of software and will try and find holes and exploits in them and then patch them to make them better. Crackers will make worms, exploits etc to use them to their benefit. Of course the media merges the boundries and gives them one name ‘hackers’ and portrays them all as bad people.

  7. hi dennis were you live didi you know raul he was your boyfrind a long time ago right you are from estern washington

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