Apple UK 'Get a Mac' Adverts

Shame on you Apple. Shame on you.

The “I’m a PC, I’m a Mac” campaign has been localized for the UK. Whereas the American edition features the legendary John Hodgeman as PC and the rather annoying Justin Long as Mac, the British version features Mitchell and Webb.

As a long time fan and dedicated follower of the US campaign, I do much prefer the American version. Anyone have any views?

Mac Spoofs

If you love the campaign, you’ll also love the spoofs and parodies (see links down left). I love the iBox spoof.

Sony Vaio’s take on the advert is great too…

3 thoughts on “Apple UK 'Get a Mac' Adverts

  1. Well as I said:

    PC: "I’m better at work stuff" so that is apple saying "don’t bother having us in offices"

    Mac: "i’m better at fun stuff"

    Which to say Mac get pretty low amount of native games and  ported games available for the Mac platform thats pretty low fun, so what exactly are Apple trying to prove in this point.

  2. How the hell can John Hodgeman be described as legendary? All he’s even known for is being on The Daily Show. Mitchell and Webb are great comedy performers and have been on BBC2, C4 and BBC Three – all great channels.

    Finally we have a British version of these ads. I’m still not buying one though.

  3. I got to say the bloke who does the UK’s "I’m a PC" looks just like one of our IT guys in our Leeds offices. Who is a Linux lover…

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