Switched to TinyMCE

I finally got round to finishing off the TinyMCE integration as mentioned in an earlier post. That means posting works in Firefox 1.5 again, yay! At the moment it’s quite a minimal setup – similar features to widgEditor with added blockquote, undo and redo. TinyMCE also doesn’t break the back button in Firefox which is great.

If you’re using Opera 9, you’ll find that you won’t be able to use the editor. This is a bug with TinyMCE and should hopefully be fixed before Opera 9 goes into Beta. 

4 thoughts on “Switched to TinyMCE

  1. I also started using TinyMCE in a CMS I have been making for the past week and both the client and I love it, glad you were able to point it out to me (in one of your news postings).

     By the way, this is weird, I had an error because I left the title blank, but when I hit the back button my text wasn’t remembered, however I didn’t have this problem on my site.

  2. Ok I like this editor except that the title needs to default to the first line of the comment if one does not enter a title.

    regarding the return key behavior it make sense since it’s inserting a paragraph tag

    You can use shift+return
    to insert a break tag

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