Liquid Sculpture

Came across this wonderful website today. It contains images of liquid in shapes created by dropping or splashing water. The photographs are taken at high speeds with flash to "capture the moment". There are pictures of liquid sculpture created from water, food colouring, milk and oil.

It’s well worth taking a look through the gallery – there are some really nice images. The free fall gallery and squirts gallery contains some of my favourite snaps.

I can’t imagine the amount of work it would have taken to create these images; there’s the artistic elements, photography and the science behind surface tension and viscosities.

3 thoughts on “Liquid Sculpture

  1. From the site:

    Several people ask if these images are Photoshop trickery. No. I might clean up the background (my cat likes to leave little hairs in the water), and sharpen the image. Sometimes I increase the saturation of the colors a bit. Otherwise, the colors and shapes are from nature, I just recorded them, using standard high-speed photography techniques. Those who know Harold Edgerton’s work will see his influence.

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