YouTube Picks

A few picks from YouTube.

Infinite Solutions

Infinite Solutions with Mark Erickson is a pretty genius and funny video channel. He makes video tutorials about some pretty stupid stuff but makes it look so real that most people will actually believe it.

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This is a really nicely done animation, which has been viewed over 6 million times.

The Dawkins Delusion

If you’ve read The God Delusion, you’ll find this absolutely hilarious.

Penn & Teller – Water Banning Petition

The Dihydrogen Monoxide prank is quite famous. It sounds dangerous; perhaps because of monoxide’s association with the deadly carbon monoxide. It’s just water. Penn and Teller asked people to sign their petition to ban DHMO (Water) to show that in fact, too many of us sign petitions without knowing what it’s even about.

Unkle – An Eye for an Eye

This is quite a strange anti-war music video. It’s a powerful video and could either confuse or stick with you for the next few days.

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