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Not given this issue much thought yet but I wonder whether having admin control panels are neccessary, certainly in their current form. When creating a blog post or forum post, there’s no more logical place to do it than on the blog or the forum itself. Why does a totally separate interface exist for creating forums or creating categories? If you want to edit a forum topic, you can do it right there. But if you want to edit a forum, you need to log in somewhere else and do it in an interface which is totally different.

I presume the main reason is for security – if you left your computer logged on your website, someone could do limited damage before logging in again. A separate interface may not be the only solution. The software can be designed in such a way when a user would do an action which makes large changes it prompts the user to re-enter their password.

Putting content and user control back into the main interface may give a better workflow. Of course there’s going to be general settings such as board name, e-mail configuration, etc. These could exist as part of the main script as an additional page; it doesn’t need to necessarily be a totally separate script.

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  1. These are good points, how is Geneone currently allowing you to manage posts (haven’t looked at all the code yet)?

    This actually seems like a nicer way of doing things and would make it easier for the end user, instead of having to go through the logins of a seemingly separate script, they can just click a edit button in a user’s profile and allow editing, similar to how a user might change their own settings.

    But indeed, where would things like the settings for board/blog name and other misc things go, a simple management page in the software? 

  2. I’m guessing the configuration would simply be found on Special:Conf (or something along those likes) where it would only be accessible to the allowed usergroups.

    For configuration only i think you can do easely without an ACP, but there are some things that i don’t think belongs in the "normal" blog/forum.. In the forum i actually prefer having another place to do it than with the normal forums.

  3. Yeah, after I posted that last night, pages like "Special:Conf" or what not, similar to how MediaWiki does it would make sense as well.


    I don’t think it would be on the same page, but some type of link or button that allows editing, and with ajax inline editing possibly. 

  4. It’s not fully implemented yet; at the moment admins can’t edit other peoples profiles. However, I assume it’d be similar to how users edit their own profiles. The link to edit their profile is on the profile page itself; you don’t need to visit the "Control Panel" or Settings page. For Admins, it’d probably be similar – the Edit link may just bring up some additional options (perhaps Admin only options as Advanced… link?)

    The Edit link for the blog, blog entries and normal pages are in the same place – also in a tab. When I add the forum object, it will also be there. I don’t understand the logic or reason behind being able to edit topics and posts from the main interface but logging into another one to edit forums.

    I’ve had another thought for forum configuration; settings specific to the forum object (most forum configuration) could probably go in the Edit tab or an additional Configuration tab. There is nothing to stop Geneone from hosting 10 or even 100 separate forums on the same website as long as they are individual objects. Settings should be individual to an individual blog.

    Just out of interest Skov, any reason you prefer having another place to do it?:)

  5. I greatly prefer doing things right where it needs to be done so that I can instantly see the result. Going to a separate place and then having to come back to the main script puts me off to some degree.


    With that said, I still have an ACP in VortexBB. The difference is a lot of the more common configuration settings and toggleable "flags" can be changed inline. In my personal opinion, software design needs a re-vamp in the area of Administration. I just don’t know if I’m brave enough to make that big of a leap out of the norm.


    Edit: Also, I’ve made my thoughts on auto updating public by re-posting them on our Software Development Blog. 😉

  6. Just out of interest Skov, any reason you prefer having another place to do it?:)

    Well, mainly clutter (if i’m understanding all this proper). Let’s just take the create/edit/forums as an example as that’s what i’m thinking about 😉

    I rarely have do any of it, and i’m just using the forums as any other user would. I don’t have to worry about 3 extra lines of options which i have no use for at that time. But i’m guessing we are misunderstanding each other. Having a simple edit button on the top would be much nicer than having to use a seperate login system and having to navigate through a bunch of menus to finally be able to edit the forums. But if there was a seperate link per forum… i really don’t like the sound of it.

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