3rd Stargate Series: "Stargate Universe"

Gateworld reports that the third series of Stargate has the working title "Stargate Universe" and that it will deal with the ninth chevron.


The new series has been conceived to be "a completely separate, third entity," Cooper said in an interview — "much more so than Atlantis was. Atlantis was much more of a spin-off seires of SG-1 and was sort of born out of SG-1."

Like many of the producers ideas, Cooper said, the idea for Stargate Universe was originally conceived as a stand-alone movie. "When we originally were sitting around talking about this we were trying to come up with ideas for a Stargate feature — not an SG-1 feature or an Atlantis feature, but a feature that would fit into the Stargate franchise that we feel we have created," Cooper said. "We were thinking, ‘How do we create a third arm to the franchise that is very connective and that fans will feel is born out of the material that has come before, but at the same time is very much something that stands alone?’

What We Know

  • Targeted for early 2008
  • Ninth Chevron plays big role in series
  • Will be separate from SG-1 and Atlantis, rather than spin-offs.
  • Will be gate-based rather than ship-based
  • Will be set in the present; will not be a prequel or a sequel
  • Will relate to existing mythology but will have separate storylines
  • Will have a team on adventures (presumably a team from Earth)

The Name

My first reaction when I saw the name "Stargate Universe" was really of shock. It’s a terrible name, almost something you’d expect from a children’s television programme. It doesn’t really seem to capture any of the magic but it is only a working title so may change. 

The Ninth Chevron 

We know that the show will involve the 9th chevron. It has been hotly debated amongst fans of what this chevron does. 

We know that most gate addresses use 7 chevrons. The 8th chevron is used to add an extra distance calculation like a area dialing code; it was required to travel to Atlantis and the Asgard galaxy. The name "Universe" implies that the show will perhaps be set in a much larger area than SG-1 which is set in the Milky Way, and Atlantis which is set in the Pegasus galaxy. The 9th chevron perhaps will add yet another distance calculation – like an international dialing code.

Some have suggested the 9th chevron could account for time or parallel universes. The first is unlikely, as the show is set in the present, and the producers of Stargate have made it quite clear that they don’t want to dabble with time travel, causality.

The second is a possibility. We know that the idea for Stargate Universe originally was for a movie. It’s quite easy to imagine a movie which is set in a parallel universe. However, there is already a quantum mirror to travel between universes. Effects such as the entropic cascade failure have already been established. And the title of the series is Universe, singular, not Universes.

My bet would be on the 9th chevron being an additional distance calculation. 


We also know that the show ties into existing mythology. So the chances are, the Ancients will come into it somehow. The whole Ancients storyline has been done in Atlantis and the Ori have been done to death and finished in SG-1. It’s hard to imagine a series which will be able to relate to the Ancients again, without having it tie in to existing story lines in SG1/Atlantis. 

Stargate also has a lot of mythology about the Goa’uld, but as far as we’re concerned they’ve been finished off. But it’s possible there could still be Goa’uld around, who have perhaps worked out how to use the ninth chevron, and escape to another galaxy. Then again, coming back to the Goa’uld could make a very, very tedious TV show. 

Movie Tie-In?

The original plan was for one of the SG-1 movies to "dovetail" into the third series. We know of two SG-1 movies at the moment:

The Ark of Truth, where SG-1 travels to the Ori home galaxy in an attempt to stop their onslaught.

Continuum, where the timeline has been altered, meaning the Stargate programme never existed.

It is unlikely a movie could be spun from Continuum. In some ways, it would provide a reset button and allow us to go back to the mythology of the original movie. This is unlikely, and certainly discovering the ninth chevron when the Stargate programme doesn’t even exist. Then again, if the ninth chevron travels between universes…

More likely, a third series could be launched from The Ark of Truth. There would be opportunities for tie-ins with the Ancients storyline, and presumably the Ori will be destroyed, leaving a whole galaxy to be explored.

Just Speculation

Of course, we know very little about the third series, and it’s all speculation.

36 thoughts on “3rd Stargate Series: "Stargate Universe"

  1. Can’t wait for it, now that the Asgard have passed the "torch" over to Earth,

    Caution Spolier

    Those who haven’t seen "Unending" may want to not read below 

     when they handed all their technology and knowledge over to Earth (The 5th Race) and commited mass suicide.

  2. My first reaction when I saw the name "Stargate Universe" was really of shock. It’s a terrible name, almost something you’d expect from a children’s television programme. It doesn’t really seem to capture any of the magic but it is only a working title so may change.

    Stargate Universe – it is a PC game, something like Word Of Warcraft. The title of the third series is still unknown. Even a working one…

  3. "Stargate Universe – it is a PC game, something like Word Of Warcraft."

     That would be Stargate Worlds

    Thanks for your comments. I didnt know what to think about the name either: Stargate Universe.

    I and a few friends believe it that the new episodes will be not about earth, but an alien civilization that already know how to use the ninth chevron; and its possible it travels much more further, but im not sure, as the ancients (builders of the stargates) never journeyed very farm according to SG1 they went to the Pegasus Galaxy and back again. Its possible before they came to the milky way they went somewhere else but very unlikely however we shall see. 

  4. I think from the Peagues Project epp, a load of places get listed as having cities belonging to the Ancients. If each one is a city like Atlantis with an inter-galactic stardrive, then perhaps one of them might have gone that far out.

    btw: can’t wait for season 4 of atlantis, have read that Carter becomes co of the atlantis military. Still trying to find out if hermiod (asgard aboard Daedelus) is still alive after "Unending" epp of sg-1. Anyone know of the release dates of the direct-to-dvd movies for region 2 (UK, Europe)?

  5.  Greetings. Well, Stargate Universe can use the mayan, the incan, the aztec, the celtic,the greek,the roman and other tribal culture to create ‘goauld’ gods and continue the adventures of the sg teams. Why not! But I want to know where the new serie will be transmited. Sci-fi said no.

  6. My original assumption upon reading the name was that it would be set in a parellel universe. My theory was that one of the SG teams would figure out how to activate the ninth chevron, and a group would go through it, becoming trapped on the other side in the process, similar to how Atlantis started. But with more information I no longer believe this to be the case.

     With the defeat of the Ori there is now a whole new galaxy to explore. But what nobody has mentioned is that with the death of the Asgard civilisation, there is also another whole new galaxy to explore, that of Ida. And a civilisation as large as the Asgard could quite possibly have inhabited more than a single galaxy. We already know that they acted both in Ida and the Milky Way, why not others?

    My current thoughts are that the Ori galaxy would not be very interesting. After all, the Ori have ruled there for thousands of years, and therefore cultural development would be very minuscule. As such there would be few potential antagonists for the new SG teams to combat. Therefore it is my belief that the knowledge garnered from the Asgard database will enable the use of the ninth chevron, probably travelling to an Asgard inhabited – or at least explored – galaxy even more distant than Ida. There may well be Ancient ruins, or it is possible that all of the stargates there may have been constructed by the Asgard themselves.

     Likely a galaxy such a distance from the Asgard homeworld would be of little interest to the Asgard, and any settlements they had there would be purely outposts. Therefore there would be plenty of room for various cultures to develop. We know Asgards experimented on humans as part of their cloning research, so there is the possibility that they could have transported humans there, or that there are descendents of the Ancients there. There are also new potential enemies, along with some old ones.

    ¬†The Replicators were at war with the Asgard for quite some time, and just because they were destroyed in Ida and the Milky Way does not mean they have been eliminated elsewhere. There is also the previously mentioned possibility that the Goa’uld escaped to become the antagonists in this new series. This in fact could be a way of spinning off the series from the second movie. When Baal’s first plan, time travel, fails, he falls back on his more desperate plan – using the ninth chevron, something perhaps he or Nerus figured out how to use but never tested. There is also the possibility we may finally see Robert Kinsey again, a character whom I have sorely missed, as The Trust did not serve Baal at the time he was presumed killed on that al’kesh.

    ¬†Of course all of this is complete conjecture, as I have absolutely no idea of how this could work. But when I think about it an entirely new galaxy so distant from the SGC that even a ZPM can’t keep them in touch and ships can’t reach it would isolate the new series much more so than Atlantis. And using the Asgard and possibly the Goa’uld and the Replicators plays into existing Stargate mythology. At the same time, whole new enemies and cultures can exist in a new galaxy. Of course I could be way off, and thinking way too far ahead, but I’ve thought that before and turned out to be right, with my "the new enemy for season 9 will be evil Ancients" idea, so here’s hoping.

  7. hello,

    long and very thoughtful ideas out here in this fourm, i have just heard about the new series, long story short after i’ve finihed the last post and idea poped up in my head, I think it’s a bit crazy and carried too far, but still i think i had to present it, the only subject that still incompletely revealed and consumed, by the two serieses is the (ascended) Ancients plane of existence, i can’t even imagen how much they can stretch that, or how far they can go in there, to be honest, the much-far-galaxy thing can be overcome by simply changing the 8th chevron, but to use a 9th, that will mean much farther than that, it’s a simple matter to discover the use of the 9th chevron by collecting info from a lab in atlantis and incompleted experiment from the asgard database, for both where trying to discover an easier way to ascend, but still that won’t be an option when this series will come completely separated from the other two.

    But, finally, i will stick with my theory, the 9th chevron will be used to travel between other planes of existance includes the Ancient one!!!!!

  8. Hello, my name is Bob. (No thanks to Sheppard)

    I was thinking about how the writers would start the new series Stargate Universe (and the working title is flimsy). And I had the same thought that Joshua did. It would be interesting to see events take place from another world/race’s point of view.¬†Maybe it would be a race that would have no idea what is beyond there own galaxy. With there hands full with there own enemy, and eventually make there way out to other galaxies, and then stumble¬†on earth. I think that would be interesting. As for the nineth cheveron….I’ve got nothin.

  9. If anyone remembered, It took massive power requirements just to go to Pegasus. If the ninth chevron adds a massive distance calculation, wouldn’t that mean that the power requirements to go that much further would be off the chart???

  10. Hi, I’m back, with more chaos as Anthony said.¬†Although this time I’m more refuting other’s theories than adding any of my own. You already know my ideas.

    While seeing Earth from another race’s point of view would be interesting, and probably be very good television, I don’t think it would be very profitable television. I once tried to publish a book where humans were the bad guys, with a totalitarian regime exercising power over other races, and while the publisher told me he loved it, he said it would never sell outside of a hardcore fanbase, which needs to be built over time before I can publish this, so I don’t see far more experienced television producers doing that.

    As for the Furlings, I don’t think we’re ever seeing them. Hints here and there, but I doubt we’ll ever actually run into them. Maybe in a movie especially about them, but that’s it. And I equally doubt that the ninth chevron will travel to the Ancient/Ori plane of existence, for several logical reasons. The first is that the plane of existence in question is so far beyond human understanding we couldn’t comprehend it. The second is that it doesn’t actually exist as matter, but is a plane of pure energy, meaning humans couldn’t even survive there at all. Thirdly, the Ancients built the Stargates long before they Ascended. How do you travel to a plane of existence you haven’t discovered yet?

    The only thing I have to add¬†are¬†two ideas I just thought of. We know that the Asgard sent out some colony ships to the Milky Way prior to their cloning experiments. Possibly less evolved Asgard as an enemy/ally? Loki may have found a cure to the genetic breakdown through his illegal methods, and isn’t happy that the Tau’ri have the Asgard database? I doubt it, but I’m throwing both ideas out there.

  11. I was thinking that the 9th chevron could have something to do with the furlings, one of the four great races. Seeing as there has been only traces of them in sg1’s series.

    Hope i have added yet more chaos and sparked some imagination.

  12. i think a good spin off to something would be to have ba’al take over some of the wraith and go to some other galaxy. but since its not a spin off series i do like the idea of a 9th chevron. but i think its something more like with the stuff the asgard stuff but then again it could be something completely new. by the way the furlings wold be in the asgard data base by the way.

  13. i think that the series could revolve around an experimental ship of earth/asgard technology which malfunctions and gets the new crew lost in a completely unknown part of the universe. This sounds cool to me, especially if they come across a mysterious "first race" civilization and their ancient deadly foe.

    Call me crazy, but the battles are what make the show utterly irresistable!

  14. My thoughts about the "ninth chevron".
    So what about the tolan’s? Or the Nox? Now I know that in SG-1 the tolan are destroyed but who’s to say that they’re totally gone? As for the nox being peaceful all the time and tree higherish wouldnt that get old? Okay now what I think, When the producer said it was in the present um did they say it was 2008 on earth? How about the present in the past, as in the time of the ancients or the 4 races( the aliance) why did they allie them selves? But ponder as we might, we’re just going to have to watch it.

  15. oh boy…


    √ā¬†its all about two ships! the first is some kind of factory for stargates. it is flying from galaxy to galaxy and placing them on the planets( it makes a stargate network for each galaxy). this ship has no crew(fully automatic)√ā¬†

    the SECOND ship (also without a crew) is following the factory ship, and made for exploration. the ancients invented the ninth chevron to get to the second ship and, with its help, explore the new galaxies. of course, the factory ship is always ahead two or three galaxies.√ā¬†

    of course, the two ships started their exploration thousands of years ago…√ā¬†

  16. Ok, its already obvious that the first 7 symbols are an adress and the 8th is an ‘area code’¬†for the local group of galaxies. Maybe teh 9th is an¬†international call? A different group of galaxies? As for the actual story I don’t think that the writers would make it from the point of view of a different race. Sorry Josh

  17. So has there been any official comments about stargate universe since the initial introduction in may 07? Is it still alive? Is it still coming in early ’08? i was very excited to hear about the new show, but that lack of news has me wondering about its future.

  18. Technically, the ninth symbol is not needed to travel to another galaxy, hypothetically regardless of it’s distance, all you need to do is change the symbols. The eigth already does that.

    A stargate manipulates both space and time, so I surmise that the series will involve either time travel or more likely, multiple alternate realities with a complex story arc with a very elusive bad guy, kinda Sliders meets Terminator at the SGC. 

    Maybe this is a bit of a stretch but it’s possible that the writers regretted destroying the quantum mirror, so now we’ll get to play around with a more controllable version of the same concept.¬†

  19. I think it will have to be with the furlings just to make it really intresting…u could do that many cool things with them and they should be hell advanced now

    The 9th chevron has to just be a hell long distance place cause i reckon a show based on alternate realities will be to confusing…but i suppose u would do more things with it.

  20. hello to all my fellow stargate nuts, about the 3rd series id like to see what happen to arthur, in the end of season 9 it was said that he would return now that the sword got pulled from the stone it would be a nice premise that he resides in a galaxy much further away and he returns to earth maybe asking for help to battle a new enemy and shows us how the ninth chevron works a team could go with him and become trapped similar to how atlantis went… i also think it would be cool if the stargates were different like maybe for the much further distance the event horizon could be a different colour and other subtle differences for the gates in the other galaxy like there was with the atlantis gate system and the earth gate system as for my idea arthur would be very advanced so why would his civilisation need our help, well like the fight with the ancients and the wraith his enemy has superior numbers….

  21. I think its about the Furling and their discovery. There’s now doubt that the producers will not use this plot device (after all, the furlings are the only race of the four that have not been discovered. Two are extinct, one refuses to even try to fight, and that leaves only the Furlings!!!)

  22. I’d love for it to be about alternate universes, but what about the galaxy they accidentally traveled to when they blew up that sun? SG-1 and Apophis sitting there deciding what to do, when this huge ship showed up and started blating away at Apophis. Was this ever resolved as to who they were? Or is this where the new series is taking us?

  23. okay its been a bit since I’ve posted. Here’s a new one for ya its another universe the idea of multi universes has been out there in the scientific world so why couldn’t sgc use it. and the ark of truth ruled

  24. Furlings what happend i think they were sent away by the other races for turnin to the dak side makein hem th new bad guys would be good to see what they have been up 2! bad furlings maybe why we dont hear about them!

  25. I really liked Sphinx’s idea about Arthur. I think i would be cool see what happened to that dude, they never really expanded with it in SG1, however I think that the series died. Not to be the Douch but I don’t think that Stargate Universe is gonna happen ūüôĀ

  26. what i’d like to see is for us to kick a bunch of wraith ass and fly atlantis to earth and then as scientists are going through it find out what the 9th chevron is for and then take off on the series

    and why if we have all this asgard tech can’t we produce stronger ships or a fleet of stronger ships. i mean cummon we have earth based energy weapons that do pretty well in one on one scenarios vs wraith, asgard weapons that quite frankly whoop the ass of every adversary earth vessels have met, goa’uld weapons we should have figured out by now wouldn’t be bad either, and both wraith and ori ships have been snuck abord and have had info stolen why not some of them energy weapons, and of course with access to atlantis’s computers you would think we could construct our own drones now. if you through all those weapons onto your ship you would be freakin invincible

    all i’m saying is we have access to all this info and all we’ve managed to reproduce so far is asgard beams and some wussy turrets that shoot blue crap, there is just no reason for the writers not to make earth incredibly strong without watering down the series and still have interesting stories

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