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The Greenpeace ranking of the "greenness" of computer companies is interesting and quite a nice way of deciding how "green" the technology you purchase is, especially as climate change seems to have become such a trendy issue recently.


Best 5

  • Lenovo – 8.0
  • Nokia – 7.3
  • Sony Ericsson – 7.0
  • Dell – 7.0
  • Samsung – 6.3

Scores out of 10.  Higher is better.

Worst 5

  • Apple – 2.7
  • Panasonic – 3.6
  • LGE – 3.6
  • Sony – 4.0
  • Toshiba – 4.3

Scores out of 10; lower is worse.


I’m actually quite surprised that Apple is the least green out of all the technology companies. Apple have consistently come very low on the rankings. Greenpeace on Apple: "low scores on almost all criteria and no progress".

With Apple putting so much of an emphasis on a quality and how "cool" their products are, it’s a shame they’re not taking much notice of the environment. After all, with climate change becoming a hot issue (ha), more and more people are going to be taking notice of these ratings.

It’s also a surprise to see Chinese company Lenovo at the top; just last year, they came last.

Criteria used by Greenpeace for determining how green technology companies are include the chemicals used in products, end-of-life disposal management and the amount of waste equipment recycled.  

2 thoughts on “Green Electronics

  1. Saw this near the end of last year and was also surprised by some of the results. Still, take them with a pinch of salt.

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