Christian Effenberger created Corner.js which is a really beautiful unobtrusive Javascript to add effects to images in your webpage. It allows you to add corners, shading and drop shadows simply by inserting a small Javascript file into your page and a CSS class.

Christian told me the script was based on Reflection.js. Indeed, the two scripts are very similar: Reflection.js adds a "wet floor" effect typically associated with Web 2.0 whilst Corner.js has some nice image effects which are more "traditional".


If you’ve used Reflection.js you’ll be right at home with Corner.js – you essentially use it in the same way.

Again, many of the benefits of Reflection.js over server-side processing exist with Corner.js: you can use it with off-site images and forum avatars and you can change the parameters of the corner/shadows by changing just a few numbers rather than having to get Photoshop out.

Kudos to Christian for creating a great script which I’m sure will be another great addition to the toolkit of web designers.

Does anybody else know of any similar scripts which adds effects to images unobtrusively, similar to Reflection.js and Corner.js? 

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