Dojo WYSIWYG Editor

The Dojo Toolkit has released a new cross-platform WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE is also cross-platform on IE, Gecko, Opera 9 and partially Safari). Unlike TinyMCE, it allows you to add an editor component to a div element. This could be especially useful for inline editing (perhaps an Edit link triggering a line of Javascript to add an editor component to an existing div). Another great thing is that it can be unobtrusive Javascript – you can get it to add a component by adding a class to the element.

Dojo claim that their WYSIWYG editor is pretty much superior to the rest. I’ve not looked at it in depth but it may be worth exploring. 

The Dojo Toolkit also contains other things such as effects, animations, events and "AJAX" (luckily they refrain from using the term). Dojo also seems to have widgets such as tree and fish eye.

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