Digg is a technology news website similar to Slashdot but a little bit more democratic. It’s not editors who decide which articles go on the front page, users do. Theoretically this should make the site less biased and improve community participation. You can digg other people’s articles to say you want it on the homepage and submit articles into the queue. Digg also has social bookmarking. Techcrunch explains.

I’ve found the digg articles as good and as random as the Slashdot articles so I think it’s a perfect replacement. According to Techcrunch, it’s almost as popular as Slashdot. Nice, clean design and useful features.

One thought on “Digg

  1. I’ve been reading this site regularly for about 3 or 4 months now. It’s really good, but I do prefer Slashdot, at the moment.

    The name annoys me though :). 

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