Amazing Javascript Image Effects

If you thought reflection.js was cool, you ain’t seem nothing yet! Christian Effenberger has created three amazing image effect scripts.



Corner.js can add rounded corners to your images, as well as shading and shadows around the image.


Glossy.js can add that wonderful glossy and shiny effect to your images.



And my personal favourite. Gives you that instant polaroid look. Configure the tilts, shadows, borders…

I think "wow" summarizes these scripts for me Check out the license though; it’s not the same BSD license reflection.js is licensed under, and you need to obtain a license to use it on commerial websites.

5 thoughts on “Amazing Javascript Image Effects

  1. That instant.js looks fantastic. Many an hour have I spent editing photo’s so that they have the polaroid look – now I can just JS it.

  2. Lemme just say these scripts are wonderful. I happened to hit on ur page quite by chance. I was looking for a way to read the hex code of a pixel on an image over which the mouse hovers. Can this be done using javascript?

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