Orange offer free laptop with 15 per month broadband

I previously wrote about Redten Broadband which offered broadband for £20 a month and included a free computer. They aren’t around any more, but Orange have just begun to offer a new deal where you can get 2mbps broadband with a free laptop for £15 a month.

You’ll need to check out the PC World website and then visit your local store. The 2mbps broadband comes with a 2gb monthly cap which is fair for the price of £15 a month; you’ll probably get a similar cap on other services of the same price. You’ll get a Ei Systems 3103 laptop for free including Windows XP Home, 256MB RAM, a 40GB hard drive and 15.4" screen.

Alternatively you could have a £350 discount on a more expensive laptop; you can get a Centrino Core 2 Duo laptop for £200. Not bad at all! 

You are locked in to a 24 month contract if you take this deal – this compares with an 12 or 18 months which is standard with most ISPs.

If you’ve used this before, please do let us know your experiences with it. 

17 thoughts on “Orange offer free laptop with 15 per month broadband

  1. Today I went into a PC World store to find out more details re; the free laptop offer above. I wanted to know if, being a existing Orange broadband customer, the offer was open to me? They told me that other Orange  customers had applied for it but suggested I rang Orange, whereupon I was distinctly told that I would not be allowed to cancel my account within the period of the offer (30 days being minimum), nor that an Orange MAC be allowed to be used to progress this offer, should I decide to do so i.e. Orange are blocking existing customers from this offer.

    Note: I am currently out of contract and paying £17.99 monthly and was offered a reduction to £12.99, but said I wish to take up the offer of £14.99 monthly with a free laptop. I promptly requested a MAC and intend to take this to the test (and courts if necessary) upon recieving it.

    Had anyone else got anywhere with this offer or comments?



  2. Just like mobile phones there is a work around for "EXISTING ORANGE" customers who are out of contract who want to get the "FREE" laptop and stay with orange.  This is what you do.


    Call up Orange and say you want a MAC code.  The reason cause it is cheaper to sign up for "ORANGE" again than stay with them.  (just like it was with mobile few years ago.)


    They give you the MAC code, you than contact for example Virgin media who does broadband with no min term.  You give them the MAC code, wait 5 days I think it is for it to transfer and than "CALL THEM STRAIGHT BACK" and ask them for a MAC code.  I think you will have to pay a disconnection charge of £60 (rounded up) but I think if you go with other ISP there is a couple that charge you a slightly higher monthly line rental but no disconnection charge.  You give this "VIRGIN MEDIA" code to Orange through PC world who will than process the order as a "NEW" orange broadband customer so can get the laptop.


    But I myself would not do all this, cause lets be honest  Orange boardband is rubbish and as they say you never get anything for free, in this case selling your broadband connection for a cheapo laptop which you probably can’t use cause the internet is always down (Can’t use it wireless cause they do not give you a wireless router.!)  And before some of you say "oh but orange is fine for me)  Think for a moment Orange give broadband for free for ppl who spend £30 a month on their mobile, now got this are they going to increase their backbone to cope with the extra demand?  Or are they (more likely just going to squeeze more ppl as possible to the same pipeline.  Netresult is that by the end of August / September it will be completely unusable.

  3. I also am an existing Orange customer.  When I phoned orange customer services they told me that as I was not signed up to a long term contract then I could sign up for the offer.  When I tried to sign up in the PC World store Orange customer services denied I could go ahead with this deal. They clainmed the previous conversation was a mistake.

    I am writing to the Managing Director and urge all current Orange users to demand some customer loyalty reward.  If enough users threaten to leave they might give way.

  4. the laptop is the end of range – lousy spec, yes you can choose another laptop with £300 off but then monthly charge goes up to £19.99 – got to stay with orange for 2 whole years – dont do it – dont be daft ……..

  5. Hello,

    I too am preety annoyed about Orange giving away laptops to new customers but giving nothing to existing ones.
    I thought about cancelling my orange contract and starting it up again but looks like they won’t let me do that with an orange mac code.
    What a load of old rubbish orange are…i think i’ll cancel my contract anyway.

  6. Hello. I have just signed up to this offer with Orange broadband. I used to be with AOL, but they really are crap, so I get my MAC code and go down to PC world and sign up for the offer, at £15 a month, and I get £300 of any laptop I want… great!

    My letter will be coming any day soon and then I just pop down to PC world and pick up the laptop.

    There are only two things to watch out for.. the 2gb download cap and the 2mb connection.. but if you are fine with that then go for it! (Especially if you already have a wireless router) I worked it out, and effectively orange get £60 for this deal… so not bad.


    And about orange broadband customer support most broadband problems are really easily sorted out by the user… In all my three years with AOL I contacted them once… to get my MAC code… so I SHOULD be fine


    To those exsisting orange users why not just cancel contract.. then be a "new customer?" It shouldn’t take that long to process ( 2 weeks max) because BT will not have to swap over the line?


    I personally think orange should allow the offer to original broadband users.. but then again they will be losing enough money already by doing this offer for new customers.

  7. Hi, I’ve been so busy getting a BT line installed at my flat that I’ve now missed this deal at PC world, does anyone know of another deal happening with a free laptop with broadband with anyone – Thanks Tracey

  8. I signed up for this offer and went for the Advent laptop that was £70 more, I also went for the £20 per month "unlimited" broadband, not only do you get up to 8Meg but you get a free livebox wireless router, free anytime phone calls to 01-02 numbers in the UK and free calls to over 100 countries (fair usage applies), but best of all is that your contract is for 18 month not 24 month as with the £15 a month package, it works out cheaper to pay more if you get my drift.

    I am happy with the laptop, I now have 8Meg broadband for the same price I was paying Freedome2surf for 2Meg and of course the "free" laptop, though I agree it is somewhat unfair to current orange customers, I know Carphone Warehouse & AOL have been mentioned, but I wouldn’t touch AOL with a barge pole, but if it gets you a free laptop, go for it.

  9. the aol offer is pretty good. But they’ll make u bundle aol talk with it- which isn’t too bad, way cheaper than what im paying with BT. Orange have to be the worst Broadband ever, never go near em

  10. I signed up for Orange free lap top offer with Curries, who promised that a router would be sent to me within ten days.  It is over a month, and everytime I ring Orange they push me to a different number.   Four phone calls and a month.  Is there any one in Orange who would read this.  My Curry receipt number is 147034

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