Asa points to Songbird, a new media player built on Mozilla technology. The application interface is built with XUL, similar to Firefox and Thunderbird. It’s from the same people who built Winamp 5 and Y! Music Engine. It looks great. It has iPod support and the developers say the program will eventually contain everything you’d expect from a media player.

See the screenshots at the Songbird blog. Kinda feels like Itunes. I’m not sure if Songbird is going to be open source; I suspect possibly not as there is no mention of it on the website.

3 thoughts on “Songbird

  1. If someone had shown me a picture of songbird (with out telling me it was a new player), I would have thought it was Itunes with a dark skin….

    I am not sure Apple will like this, so it will be interesting to see what Apples reaction (or lack of reaction) will be.

  2. dude simply songbird is not enough to match the level of say mediamonkey or other players… but with addons, it can prove to be very good. i loved it.

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