I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this – I’ve noticed it on blogs that I read as well as from a personal experience. Generally, people blog frequently for about 1 month (sometimes 2 months) and then stop blogging or start blogging a lot less. Probably about half of the blogs on my RSS reading list haven’t had posts recently; about 10% don’t even work anymore.

On this blog, I used to blog about twice or thrice a day. At the moment, it’s down to once a day and I’m struggling to do that. I’m either blaming it on a slow news week or exams. There are some really interesting blogs that I’ve got on my feed list but haven’t been updated in ages.

How should bloggers be encouraged to keep blogging? Can blogging be made more rewarding? Perhaps the cost of blogging needs to be lowered. For example, when you wish to write about a news link or interesting article, you’d often be expected to write several paragraphs on your opinions. Perhaps one way to make blogging easier to sustain would be to have some kind of "BlogLinks" system where you could enter a link and a short one line thought on the topic. The blog system could automatically create an entry every day or every week with those links. (Perhaps some or Digg integration)

Browsers such as Flock could theoretically also make it easier and more interesting to blog but my personal experience has been quite the opposite. Getting Flock’s blogging feature working in the first place wasn’t fun and it doesn’t seem to offer much more than a nice editor.  

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