Predictions of 2007

I dug up my predictions for 2007 post from last year! Let’s see how accurate we were…

We see some real action on climate change. At the moment, we’re sleepwalking into disaster. Something has to change, and 2007 is the year.

I would say so. The Nobel Prize has been awarded to Al Gore and the IPCC, there was the Bali conference very recently where the Americans decided to join with the rest of the world in combating climate change. 

Windows Vista gets released but adoption is going to be slow as Microsoft isn’t communicating improvements in Vista particularly well to the normal person (yet, anyway)

Vista adoption speed is about a third that of XP, Dell had to bring back PCs running XP because of low demand for Windows Vista.

The death of personal blogs on sites such as Blogger and WordPress. Personal blogs integrated with social networking on sites such as MySpace and LiveJournal will become more popular.

Kind of; I’d say blogging seems to have peaked. People seem to be into microblogging these days e.g. Twitter, Facebook statuses. I haven’t seen anybody use Myspace or Facebook to blog though.

The blogosphere/"techies" will begin to turn against Google as they begin to expand into even more areas. Google won’t be getting the same stupid amount of attention they’ve been getting in the last few years.

Nope we’re still all over Google! Mind you, they release so many products these days nobody tries to follow them all.

VoIP won’t take off especially as almost every broadband provider provides free phone calls through your standard phone line.

I don’t think VoIP has hit the mainstream yet. I don’t know anyone who uses VoIP. However, BT Broadband now provide a VoIP phone to their clients as standard.

Video on Demand will continue to grow. It’ll make inroads into TV (Wii allows you to watch Youtube on TV for example) and possibly mobile.

Youtube is getting more popular by the day. In the UK we have 4oD and the recently launched BBC iPlayer – both of which allow you to watch TV from the last 7 days on your computer. I’ve only seen one person try to watch TV on their mobile phone so far.

Consumers will finally encounter DRM in more ways and turn against it. Similarly, record labels encumbered by Apple’s DRM will turn to selling DRM-free music.

Apple turned against DRM in April. Amazon sell DRM music. The record labels are all joining the bandwagon of DRM free music.

Apple becomes the new Google in terms of press attention and blogosphere attention.

iPhone, new iPods… enough said.

Even more crazy weather.

Yep… we had it all in Britain… the floods. 

Services such as Pandora and Last FM become more mainstream as they are discovered by consumers. These personalized radio services will eat into the market share of traditional radio services.

I don’t think online radio has made many inroads this year. Perhaps due to the increase in licensing fees in the USA.

Linux will still be going nowhere. There is no benefit to the average consumer and although free, the cost to the consumer is still too high.

Linux has started to go somewhere. Ubuntu is quite frankly, just amazing. And Dell are beginning to sell computers with Ubuntu pre-loaded.

Death of reality TV and manufactured pop stars; music returns to grassroots with sites such as MySpace and the internet.

Wishful thinking. Big Brother had loads of press attention with the racism row, X Factor got Xmas number 1 again…

People begin to realise the privacy implications of the internet and there will become a group of people who actively resist it due to privacy.

Some people complained about privacy on Facebook. I don’t think there’s any big movements against privacy on the internet as a whole.

Whilst "normal" blogs may begin to fade out, video blogging or photo blogging may take off. Especially with the ease of taking photos or making videos with mobile phones these days.

I don’t believe video or photo blogging has particularly taken off. People are sharing pics & vids more than ever though through social networking.

Explosion in even faster broadband in the UK. 10mbps or up to 24mbps could become the norm with LLU.

Up to 8mbps is now the standard connection speed in the UK through ADSL. 

5 thoughts on “Predictions of 2007

  1. wow damn shit, you such an good analyzer. FOUR THUMBS UP, i never had any idea to write just like yours !

     just regular guy tough…..

     MIT expert huh? then you i should call you master, becoz i just ordinary programmer geek. THX !

    nice 2 meet you

  2. Windows Vista gets released but adoption is going to be slow as Microsoft isn’t communicating improvements in Vista particularly well to the normal person (yet, anyway)

    Vista suck 🙁

  3. Actually it turns out you were right about online radio. And the claimed casualty according to the news this week has been DAB. Not that it has anything to do with greedy broadcasters carving DAB bandwidth up into smaller and smaller chunks and removing as much error correction as possible to get the maximum number of poor quality radio stations in. No, of course not.

    Sadly, as usual, BBC news fails to do its homework properly on DAB – despite being a DAB broadcaster. Or maybe it’s because it’s a DAB broadcaster?  Apparently lack of DAB success is because it doesn’t work properly in cars. Well no it won’t. Not if you remove most of the error correction.

    The whole point of error correction on digital radio, just like error correction on CDs. is that loss of some of the data stream doesn’t damage the flow of whatever is being listened to. And if you remove most of it…

    So really the broadcasters have only themselves to blame. They sold DAB on quality, then degraded everything they could think of about it to get the maximum number of stations on air. So now it only sounds "good" on tiny portable radios and you really have to be deaf to believe the line that it’s "free from interference" – rice crispy (TM) and boiling mud (not TM) noises are clearly audible in all but the best circumstances.

    Anyway. You were right. And I enjoyed having that rant – sorry to take up your web space doing it! 🙂 

  4. On Linux, yes you were definitely wrong.

    My other half and I can’t wait to get our hands on a eeePC. Just as soon as they put a decent-sized screen in it.  Also, Xandros is nice in mimicking Windozes but you have to pay money to add most apps. I’m going to play with different distros when I get my eeePC. The problem is trying to avoid buying one now. Perhaps I’ll just go and install the latest Schaps WM6 update on my Hermes to keep myself happy. 😛

    Talking of Hermes, for this year’s predictions I’m hoping that the web will finally take heed of those of us who use mobile phones for real Internet access. Yahoo is doing a great job, Google is getting there slowly, although Calendar is a bit lacklustre. Amazon have an excellent mobile-friendly site – great for checking DVD prices and reviews when out in the high street – but Play is only viewable in any sensible timeframe through a filter such as Mobileleap.

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