Geneone 0.5 Technology Preview

I’ve compiled a package so you can try out Geneone 0.5 – the latest revision of the software which is powering my blog and the rest of This contains everything which has changed or been added since version 0.4.3. Much of the code and database structure has changed from version 0.4.3 so it is recommended you start fresh rather than attempt to upgrade.

The main new features are the permissions system, dynamic pages, the forum, new object interface, community portal editing and e-mail address changing. I will be writing a few more posts on the forum in the next few days. A full change log is available.

I should stress again that this is a technology preview and you shouldn’t run a website on it.

Download it here

You should only download and install this release if you are comfortable with PHP. Please read the Readme.txt file first; the install.txt file contains some basic instructions on how to set up Geneone. If you are getting a HTTP error 500, try renaming the .htaccess file to something else. If the index.php file is blank, check out rdf.php and see if it presents any errors.

The genescripts/ folder has 3 examples of scripts which integrate with Geneone. Integration with other scripts and being able to write useful scripts utilizing Geneone’s API should become a major selling point in the future.

Feedback, comments and bugs are welcome.  

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