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Over the last few days, I’ve been developing a forum based on Geneone and the object system. This is a total rewrite and is not based on the Evolution Community. Some of the code is based on that for the blog (if you think about it blogs and forums are actually very similar).


The forum is split up into four different types of objects: forum centre (board), forum, discussion (topic), comment (post). A forum centre may contain any number of forums; a forum may contain any number of forums and discussions and a discussion may contain any number of comments.

One strength of the object system means that your forum can become part of the hierarchy for your website and you can run a very simple forum by not bothering with the forum centre and having a forum as your root/main object. It’s even possible to have a stand alone discussion object with no forum parent.


Forum Centre

The front page of the forum for an administrator. The form to create a new forum is simple and straight forward. This has been mentioned before. I’ve changed my mind about not being able to set permissions until after creating the forum. This doesn’t solve the problem of having complex form but just transfers it and gets in the user’s way. However, we’re trying to stay as far away from the complexity of phpBB and IPB as possible without losing too much flexibility and power.


Yup, huuge icons. The big icons actually look quite nice and are supposed to represent actions that moderators are likely to perform.

The user interface does not represent how the final product will look, it’s just an indication of what stage the project is at.

Try it out

You can try out a demo at the Geneone Site or download Geneone 0.5.

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