Back from hiatus and it’s freezing. I missed blogging I was actually quite surprised to come back to my RSS Reader, Sage, and having to spend the rest of the day just catching up on RSS feeds (around 5 or 6 hours) and these were just posts over the (apparently quiet) festive period. And I only subscribe to 99 feeds of which most are from blogs which are never updated any more.  RSS is great because it allows people to consume a lot more information.


Cow’s Blog made the front page of Digg for the second time this month (this time the Firefox Chrome URL Entry). The first time, reflection.js made the front page. I’m unsure how many extra visitors there were from Digg – my guesstimate from the statistics is somewhere in the region of 24,000. A digging also normally results in a few dozen blog posts about your article which will generate a bit of extra traffic. You do risk the chance of exceeding your bandwidth limit however since I used the same amount of bandwidth in about 6 hours as the total amount of bandwidth the blog used in a whole 3 months beforehand.


I really don’t like the current weather – I’ve been wearing an uber-thick coat indoors for several days now. A bit disappointed that snow was promised but never came.


It’s well worth listening to Ricky Gervais’ blogcast. Karl is legendary and Ricky has an insane laugh. If you’re quick, you can also listen to Ricky Gervais’ show on the Radio 2 website. It’s a little more politically correct than the podcast.


There are some interesting articles on photography here. There are some cool tips and principles which will get you on your way to produce better photographs.

Evolution 5

The new round of Evolution 5 has just started. 

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