Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone!

My predictions for 2006:

  • Crazy Frog crazyness will cease.
  • Less "AJAX"/"Web 2.0" hype as most people realize that most "Web 2.0" products aren’t really that great. People will begin finding more useful uses of XmlHttpRequest and related rich internet application technologies.
  • Internet Explorer 7 gets released to reviews of "a big improvement but not doesn’t match Firefox". Firefox continues growing. Opera will probably gain some marketing share too.
  • Freeview continues to get better. Five are planning a multi channel launch with Five.2 (general entertainment) and Five.3 (movies) whilst ITV plan to launch a kids channel. More great TV shows and if I had my way, X Factor would be cancelled. However, I doubt it’s likely.
  • Sunny Boy starts blogging more and stops getting Mozilla Corporation and Foundation confused in Links.
  • Microformats!
  • No one can be bothered to upgrade to PHP 5 because there is nothing new which is particularly useful. Talk of PHP 6 also slows down PHP 5 adoption.
  • More people stop waiting for XHTML 2 and go back to HTML 5 (or use the corresponding XHTML-ized version, XHTML 5.0).
  • Blogs get even more popular.
  • RSS becomes more mainstream with it’s introduction into Vista. Attempts at adding adverts to RSS will fail.
  • More crazy weather.
  • Apple are going to continue charging crazy money and their products are going to become more popular.
  • Intel revival.
  • Google keeps on adding new features and becomes more like Yahoo! doing everything from music to video.
  • The island of Samoa adopts PageRank as it’s national currency.

Have a great year!

One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. Other predictions:

    • Ramble(me) will finish his blog eventually.
    • Insane graphics speed will be available thanks to G80 and whatever is after R580.
    • Dual core mainstream adoption and finally some multithreaded apps.
    • Year of internet safety with people becoming more aware of internet dangers and Windows Defender being released with Vista.
    • AMD finally faces major competition from Intel in the performance stakes.
    • Mobile computing will become better.
    • DX10 adoption and coding begins.
    • Xbox360 will continue to win in the console stakes if PS3 is released.

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