Microsoft Word Challenge

It’s time to get out that mal logiciel de propriété industrielle and see if you can work out how to do this.

It’s possible to select half of a letter in Microsoft Word. The following image has not been altered:


Leave a note if you’ve worked out how to do it. You can’t do cool things like that in OpenOffice. 

8 thoughts on “Microsoft Word Challenge

  1. I’m thinking it’s either a bug in Word since your’s is an old version.
    Could be some sort of weird formatting you’ve applied.

    And please don’t use French in your posts.

  2. It’s a feature, to let you select text over multiple lines within a region. The     picture is a little deceptive… I think it’s Alt-drag, I haven’t got Windows on hand to check that in though.

  3. Well, back in winword 2.x, you could right-click-drag to get a rectangular selection intersecting words and letters where it may. I wouldn’t know if there’s some alt-drag equivalent these days; 2.x was the last time I used Word in anger 🙂

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