Web 108.0

Jeffrey Zeldman criticises Web 2.0 today at A List Apart and rightfully and proposes we cut out the middle man and go straight to Web 3.0 🙂 Philipp at Google Blogoscoped suggests we should hop to Web 4.0.

There is a nice table which shows the popularity of different versions of the web on Google. Web 5.0 seems to be more popular than Web 4.0 by a long margin. 

People also seem more interested in revolution and new features rather than bug fixes; Web 3.0 is a lot more popular than Web 2.0.1. Around 206 times more popular to be exact.

It seems like Web 1.0.1 never existed; people decided to go straight to Web 2.0. According to my so-Web 2.0 Google Calculator, Web 2.0 is 27,879 times more popular than Web 1.0.1.

Web 3.0 is already more popular than Web 1.1.

Some people have already begun to hype up Web 10.0 and Web 104.0 has already been invented. But no one has invented Web 108.0 yet so I just invented it.

I doubt I’ll be getting any royalties on the term soon though since Google will have renamed the term long before we reach 108.0.

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