Digg getting bad?

Is it me or has Digg really been going downhill over the last week or two?

  • Many front page articles have spelling or factual errors.
  • An article about Firefox vulnerabilities from one year ago made the front page.
  • Digg often reports old news.
  • People linking to an article on their blog with two lines of text with a link to the source. Very annoying.
  • The CAPTCHAs suck. You need to enter a CAPTCHA every time you submit a story or a comment even though you are logged in. The CATCHAs often show capitalized letters but you must type them in lower case (took me a while to work this one out)
  • Too many n00bs.
  • Too many articles per day you can barely keep up. Very little real news.

I once said that I thought Digg was as good as Slashdot. I was wrong.

4 thoughts on “Digg getting bad?

  1. I believe it’s the algorithm that’s used, that makes Digg so bad. They need to make it harder for an article to get to the front page and make a spelling check mandatory – using a custom dictionary with common words such as ‘Firefox’ and ‘Microsoft’ (:D) allowed. Such as Google’s page rank algorithm, Diggs needs updating to take into account the crap that posts damn un-interesting and crap articles.

    Slashdot is for the people, but not by the people. Digg is. 

  2. Agreed, Digg is getting terrible now.
    There is at least 2 Apple related sotires per day when about 5% of the entire IT populace use Apple computers.

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