Adsense Popups and Floaters

According to JenSense, Google is experimenting with interstitials (watch an ad for 10 seconds before seeing content), expanding ads, floating ads and popups.

Google has certainly come a long way since it proclaimed that text advertising which does not distract the user works much better than graphic ads and popups.

Google is also making a practise of bundling software (Google Toolbar is included with programs such as Winzip). Google are also releasing all kinds of new pointless software (Google Video Store is even worse than iTunes) and have agreed to censor search results in China.

It seems like Google is giving up something which makes them different from other companies every day. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if a significant number of people started to claim that Microsoft do less evil than Google.

2 thoughts on “Adsense Popups and Floaters

  1. All these practices are "evil" but is there any evidence at all that Google is practicing this?

    It seems like everyday theres some new Google rumor "Google is releasing a OS", "Google is releasing Google Tunes", "Google Calendar is coming soon!".

    Where is the evidence for this one? The only comment I’ve ever heard related to this was someone on SlashDot making a joke about popups… no real evidence or backup.

    About the tool bar being bundled with WinZip… is that Google bundling it, or WinZip? I’d understand if Google was bundling the thing with no choice through Google Pack or something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

    I do agree I don’t like results being censored in China, but really there is nothing they can do. They have two choices:

    1) Put their foot in the door and offer MOST information to China and open up the Internet to people. And maybe some day, get rid of the censorship.

    2) Isolate the people even further with no Google what so ever. 

    The first choice is better.

  2. Winzip: Winzip must have had the permission of Google to bundle it in the first place and Winzip must also be recieving payment from Google, otherwise there would have been no logical reason for Winzip to bundle it.

    I don’t care whos idea it was: the fact is Google did it. Yahoo Toolbar AFAIK is bundled with Flash which is even worse (and I know some people stopped using Flash on their sites when that happened). I’m quite anti-bundleware.


    Secondly, I don’t buy into what Google says about censorship in China. Being a powerful and the most popular search engine, Google has a social responsibility. If Google started censoring George Bush during the US presidential election or biased the results towards Kerry, instead of recieving pages with a variety of opinions, users will recieve pages with biased opinions. This could have swung the election or at least quite a few votes.

    Censoring search results, Google gives Chinese web users a one-sided view of the web. Yes, it’s true that the websites would be blocked and inaccessible anyway, but having censored pages there would mean Google is giving users a fair viewpoint. Censoring the results, Google is now as guilty as the Chinese government.

    I also believe it’s a matter of principle – the more people who agree to the censorship and help enforce it only strengthens the censorship. 

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