3 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 7 Beta Available

  1. Thoughts:

    1. Anti-aliasing makes things look worse rather than better, for me anyway.
    2. The anti aliasing isn’t done properly.
    3. I don’t like the new navigation buttons
    4. I get the Add Bookmark button confused for New Tab.
    5. I find the buttons hard to target, probably because of the lack of the menu bar.

    And yes you can turn off anti-aliasing and get the old menu bar back but it takes a bit of work

  2. I’m not really a fan of the new IE7 beta it looks like they’ve tried to simplyfy navigation to much but simplified to the point it becomes confusing.

  3. For the Average Joe, Firefox 1.5 is a much easier upgrade than IE 7. Firefox imports all your personal data and is also much closer to IE 6’s look and feel. I wouldn’t be surprised if IE 7 will indirectly drive a lot of people towards Firefox.

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