10 Things: Internet Explorer 7

  • The installation was quite easy. It did require a Windows Genuine Advantage check but it was quick and painfree. I had a million and one alerts from Microsoft AntiSpyware.
  • I’m not a fan of IE’s anti aliasing myself. IMO the anti-aliasing makes text look worse unless it’s large text (Browsers such as Firefox already anti-alias large text). It’s not even implemented properly:
    Anti Aliasing Bug
  • It looks really, really ugly. It doesn’t look like any other program on Windows. The learning curve is quite large with new menus, and the interface seems to be less customizable. Too many strange colours.
  • The Stop Button doesn’t seem to go gray if the page has loaded. This is annoying.
  • Internet Explorer’s autocomplete sucks. Firefox is great as it does statistical analysis and orders autocomplete results by the likelyhood that you’ll click them. Internet Explorer seems to do it alphabetically. In Firefox, typing c would give me websites such as cow.neondragon.net. In IE, it gives tons of files on the hard drive.
  • If the classic menu is enabled, it appears below the address bar.
  • Who designed this flash movie? Loki did.
  • The back button is small and hard to target. It is one of the most frequently used buttons on the browser. Perhaps an Itunes-style button could be used where the Back Button is larger than the Forward Button.
  • I keep on getting Add/Subscribe confused with New Tab. The blank tab used to create a new tab looks wierd. The feature to view previews of all tabs is nice but I haven’t found it much use.
  • CNet News: "You may not test the software in a live operating environment unless Microsoft permits you to do so under another agreement."

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