Added Categories to Geneone Blog

The "autotagging" experiment has finally concluded and I’m pleased to announce it was a failure. Although the "Similar Entries" feature often produced semi-decent results, the keywords generated overall were poor. It’s now been replaced with a "Categories" system which you’ll find in most blog software.

I’m really pleased with this implementation – I believe overall it is more usable than many other solutions.

Categories Interface

When you add a new blog entry, you’ll get a list of all the categories currently used on the blog (basically all tags already with entries) and checkboxes for each.

You can also choose to create a new category for the blog post by clicking on the "Add a New Category" link. This instantly adds a text box for you to enter the category name.

Here’s the cool bit. The idea of the autotagging experiment was that the blog could automatically "tag" entries so you don’t have to.

I’ve adapted this idea; when you enter the blog entry title, a piece of Javascript will check to see if any of the category names appear in the entry title. If so, it’ll highlight it, and select it. You’ll still have full control over what "keywords" or "tags" each entry has – the system just makes a few recommendations.

I also decided to keep the "Similar Entries" feature from the auto-tagging experiment. It’ll now use information from each entries’ tags to determine relevancy and similarity. 

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