Flock Update

The "social web browser" aka "Web 2.0 Browser" Flock has released version 0.5.11 which fixes some annoying bugs and adds some new features.

This release introduces private bookmarks so you can bookmark webpages and keep them to yourself. Spell checking has also been added and a blog editor which uses TinyMCE. Geneone also uses TinyMCE although I’ve noticed a few bugs and annoyances in it; hopefully it’s integration in Flock will mean that these little annoyances get fixed.

It also introduces Firefox 1.5’s update system and allows you to migrate your settings from Firefox to make that switch much easier. Personally I’m sticking with Firefox 🙂 

You can download 0.5.11 at the Flock Developer page. If you are upgrading, read the upgrade notes. A public beta version of Flock is expected at the end of April.

Why on earth are subheadings on Flock’s website in a smaller typeface than normal text? 

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