iTunes DRM

This article and this site says it all about Apple’s iTunes. DRM is the reason I don’t buy music online at the moment. Instead, I  buy CDs which are often cheaper and better quality than the regurgitated bile you get from iTunes. And it plays on Windows, Linux and even FreeBSD.

I really hope that the record companies decide to take on the advice from the head of Yahoo Music and try DRM-free music which does not lock you into one proprietary company. Many of these non-iTunes services have much better price and better quality than iTunes but they can’t compete on a fair playing ground with iTunes because they won’t play on the iPod. If record companies allowed companies like Yahoo and Napster to sell music in a format such as MP3, Apple will be forced to offer better quality and prices.

Besides, DRM doesn’t stop piracy at all since people pirate CD rips – not iTunes downloads. 

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