Windows Live Messenger Update

According to, invited testers of Windows Live Messenger should get their next beta today.

Apart from the many reported changes compared to build 0365, the refresh is not entirely the same as build 0562. New improvements:

Contact List (see screenshot)
– Nickname in black, personal status message in soft gray.
– Once again, a new logo.
– Your Display Picture and buttons aligned to the left again (phew!)
Word Wheel layout changed, Buddy List buttons now placed at the right hand side.
New icons for expanding groups.
Tab icons placed back inside the main window.
Less spacing between contacts.

Conversation Window (see screenshot)
Ink/type tabs on the right.

I'm looking forward to this update. I've found WLM a bit unstable recently and some of the bugs are realling annoying me.

More information at the Live Messenger Blog

Leave a comment if you want an invite. 

5 thoughts on “Windows Live Messenger Update

  1. Not a massive fan to be honest. Erm I like how its squished alot of the bugs and annoyances but the squareness? Hmm..

  2. This update updates your working MSN Messenger installation to a wreck made within the 14th version of this program. It may fix the security issue (comment fix in a certain dynamic library and some coordination issues) but it may wreck the system (not only itself) due to library updates.

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