The Google Homepage from Memory

Google Blogoscoped challenged its readers to draw the Google Homepage from memory:

Draw a picture (on paper, in text, in a paint program) and post it here. Include every single link, input box, icon and footnote as you remember it from the website you probably visit every other day.

This is what I produced:

It's certainly harder than it sounds! I got the order of the tabs slightly wrong (switch News and Froogle), missed the Preferences link, and the links at the bottom are totally messed up.

And the logo is really hard. The only colour I knew was the l which was green (since there was a flash movie about the real reason the l is green a while back). As someone on the forum said, Google is supposed to be one of the most well known brands in the world and is most people's homepage. Yet no one can actually remember what colour it's logo is.

It's worth a go and you can stick your drawing on the Google Blogoscoped Forums

6 thoughts on “The Google Homepage from Memory

  1. Why would you use the frontpage?
    I have never, or as far as I can remember opened the frontpage (Opera had the search box for quite some time before firefox).

    I always use the search box in my browser. Or when I am using Opera just type a g infront of the sentence or word in my url field.

    Is there some magic I do not know about on the frontpage?

    I also believe that is one of the reasons most people don’t remember what it look like, but the again how much attention do you really give a websites design. Other than the general look and feel, or when you can’t find something.

    If you asked me if I could redraw you blog, I simply couldn’t, and I have been a regular visitor for a couple of years now. I think I visited the first time after you created the IPB SDK, along time ago.

    (To be honest I prefer the layout of the old black and green site compared to the strange colour combination on this one, but that might just be me.)

  2. I don't use the front page much myself apart from at school. It is a bit scary that very few people can even get the colour of the first letter of the Google logo right. 

    I'm working on redoing the design here since this site was only supposed to be temporary but I can't be bothered to finish it at the mo.

  3. I don’t even remember any colour of the logo, which is a very good thing. Because this means that google have focus on search and the searchresults and not promoting its trademark.

    Which of course it does secondary as a result of a good service.

    On a side note there seems to be a problem with new lines in your comments. Here is how my comment above should have been formated:

    This happens in Opera 8.52 and Konqueror on both my Kubuntu and Debian distro. Strange.

    Also there seems to be a problem with redirection after you make a comment in Opera.

  4. Hm,I guess the WYSIWYG editor isn't enabled and you need to use <p> to insert paragraphs. I need to get a non-WYSIWYG fallback sorted out properly.

  5. My google front page is different to the main one as I use the firefox version lol, but at least I managed the first letter right in the logo, Khlo…red? Really?:P

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