Sliders in HTML

Web Forms 2.0 which is set to become part of HTML 5 and is being supported by Opera, Mozilla and Apple will be adding some new HTML input types. One of those is range, which user agents may represent as a slider control.

However, if you can’t wait and want sliders today, it’s been implemented using JavaScript/DHTML. It can be styled pretty well up to the point where it looks like a native widget (see demo). I’m not sure how backwards compatible it is, but it seems like a nice use of Javascript/DHTML and could make form input a lot easier in some cases.

One thought on “Sliders in HTML

  1. hi,

    I really like wat u have got there. I am not a web designer, but I am a Maya 3d setUp artist trying to do a facial UI usin gHtml/Java as Maya supports it. I badly need sliders, wheni saw this i was thrilled. Whe i save the page on my local n reopen it , the sliders dont appear. have u disable them or something? Sorry I do not have too much knowledge about javscripts.




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