Guest Commenting Enabled

I've just enabled guest commenting on my blog. It hasn't been turned on until now simply because Geneone wasn't equipped to allow non-registered users to add comments. I'm hoping this will make it much easier for people to leave their comments and thoughts on entries.

It'll also be interesting to see how long it is before I get some automated comment spam. I suspect the fact that I'm not running a popular blog software makes it harder to get spam as many spam bots simply request wp-comment.php directly.

7 thoughts on “Guest Commenting Enabled

  1. Well, less than that – around 7 hours (March 26th 2006, 00:58)! I do have my doubts about whether it's really automated spam, probably someone having a laugh 🙂

    I think anti-spam is worth investigating. At the least probably a CAPTCHA question or image for guests. 

    Akismet is interesting and I'll look into it Thanks!

  2. Been getting quite a bit of spam recently – had 5 spams today which all seem to come from the same user. At the moment, it seems like guest comments are more work than it is worth.

    I'm gonna look into putting CAPTCHAs and/or spam filtering as soon as possible.

  3. I turned it off for the moment as I got 8 pieces of spam last night. Although there have been some useful comments from guest users, I cannot be bothered to delete and manage spam and until I manage to integrate some anti-spam solutions it's been turned off.

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