Google Cache as Proxy? Bah.

Never really realised this until today, but Google Translate can act as a proxy, a much better one than Google Cache. Google Translate will show you the up to the minute web page whilst cache will only show the page as Google last crawled it. Not to mention the fact all the URLs linked from Google Translate pages are also linked to the version which goes through Google Translate.

It seems like you can use Google as a proxy by calling a URL as follows:|en&

Change to the web page you wish to view. 

3 thoughts on “Google Cache as Proxy? Bah.

  1. Notice that this post was written in 2006, the world has changed since than, though google translation can still be used as proxy via few of the low grade content filters (good ones will block such attempts) we should not use it as proxy as the same reveals our ip address to the visiting site.

    Visit to see for yourself, just notice what ip address the above given url returns, then visit and see if the ip address returned by the previous url is same as that of this one. Same ip means google translation is not hiding your ip. You are still at large, exposed to the world.

    Be safe while proxying, test your proxy before deciding to use it actively.

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