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I finally decided to get rid of Messenger 8.0 and return to version 7.5. I kind of prefer version 7.5 mainly because it's a lot faster, Messenger Plus! works and Stuffplug NG also works (Mess Patch is also essential). Invaluable plugins which I'm unsure how I managed to live without for so long.

Messenger 8.0 (at present) doesn't even look that good although the screenshots of the latest build look great. However, MSN Messenger is an instant messaging program – not a work of art to be looked at. Many of 8.0's new features got in the way of being able to talk to friends quickly, simply and easily.

One thing about 8.0 which annoyed me was the fact that I kept sending messages such as "bye" when people had just come online and they'd sign online to recieve various goodbye messages. 7.5 doesn't support offline messaging so this isn't a problem.

After spending 3 months using the version 8.0 beta, going back to 7.5, the UI certainly looks quite different – shouldn't be a problem to get used to it again.

3 thoughts on “Back to Messenger 7.5

  1. I salute u miss, that expresses my exact same opinion! messenger 8.0 SUCKS !! it looks bad, and even looks older than messenger 6.1 ! I HATE IT !!! it caused me problems .. I don’t encourage anyone to download it . my STUpid classmate encouraged me to do so and I regret it.
    again I say , msn 8.0 SUCKSS !! Its badd , badd, baddd..

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