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I upgraded Geneone from Prototype.js 1.3.1 to 1.4 yesterday as I needed to use a 1.4-specific feature. I originally chose to use Prototype.js as it would simplify the Javascript, make the Javascript code a lot cleaner and because it was a sensible siz: version 1.3.1 is 27KB. 27KB was sensible and was just about small enough. I felt that I could trim off several KB off each of the other script files which would counter most of the size increase.

For some reason, Version 1.4 almost doubled in size to 47KB. I'm unsure what's new or what's changed but 47KB is huge. Sure, TinyMCE is 110KB but not much can be done about it. At the moment I'm using the full 1.4 package but I'm considering just backporting the 1.4 feature and sticking it onto 1.3.1.

It may even be a good idea to generate a cut down version of Prototype for our uses since we don't use 80% of it.

Prototype.js does make stuff a lot nicer but at 47KB per visitor, it's not worth it. 

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  1. Thanks for the link.

    The capital letter is caused by username canonization which applies to registered members – it was only fair that guests should recieve the same canonization as regular members.

    It seems like the CAPTCHA got defeated very quickly. I've changed the font, hopefully this should be a bit better. Otherwise, I'm open to suggestions of which CAPTCHA scripts to use. 

  2. Well he isn't offering a download link either, I guess he just wants to show that these captchas can be easily beaten and not offer an easy method to decode the captchas for spammers….

  3. Yeah, but doing the same stupid thing for registered users doesn't make this anti-feature non sucking. Why do you capitalize the first letter in the first place?

    I found the page I mentioned earlier (captcha was the word I was looking for):
    Quite interesting to read and it mentions some (yet) undefeated captchas, however I do not know where to obtian the code).


  4. Thanks for the link. It seems like Pwntcha can't decode the CAPTCHAs generated but it seems like the bots which spam here can, maybe using OCR software.


    This tool reduces file size quite good and works with any browser I've tested (ie, fx, opera, konq). It makes the code unreadable, but adding a link to a normal version is still smaller than using the original file. Normal users don't care about that anyway, and if a dev is interested in the code, he can get a normal copy via the mentioned link.


  6. PS: Your comments suck, I intentionally spell my nick in lower case, how can it assume that the first letter should be capital?

    PPS: Your image verfication isn't very safe (= can easily be recognized by software). I'd post a link, but I didn't bookmark it, and it forgot how they are called in short… if you're interested and accidentally know how the "short form" is, I can try to find the article.


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