Star Wars ASCII Movie


This is pretty cool. If you use Windows: Start -> Run -> telnet

Command should be similar in other operating systems. It’s the original Star Wars movie in ASCII. Theres a flash version somewhere at Kontraband too.

5 thoughts on “Star Wars ASCII Movie

  1. Some people have way to much spare time. I whish I hade the time to do something like this, not that I actually want to do it. I just would like to have enough spare time to be able to do it….

    If I where you I would have changed the-> “comment about” to: “title” since when you write the comment it say comment title, hence your write a title. Then when you read the comment it says: Comment about awesome. In this comment I am not writing about awesome, but about someone with way to much spare time. Therefore it would sound better if you change it something like title.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your suggestions. I adjusted the design of the comments a bit – not too sure about the green personally 🙂


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