Geneone Update

Over the last week or two, I've reorganized and renamed many of the classes in Geneone. All classes now follow the PEAR method of naming and file locations. For example:

  • The Gene class can be found in Gene.php
  • GeneAuth has become Gene_Auth and can now be found at Gene/Auth.php
  • Gene_Object_Model_Blog can now be found at Gene/Object/Model/Blog.php.

Eventually it should be possible to use the PEAR installer to download and upgrade Geneone libraries. You then simply have to download a frontend which will contain the loader code and Smarty.

Since PEAR is an integral part of Geneone it makes sense that it should be possible to upgrade Geneone and it's dependencies by running pear upgrade-all. Of course, there is still no reason why you can't download stuff the traditional way.

Multiple Pages

Screenshot of multiple page functionality

I "borrowed" a bit of the TinyMCE code from WordPress (with a few modifications) to create a buttom to split content up in to multiple parts.

I implemented this feature because I might often embed large images, pieces of content or video on my blog and it doesn't make sense for this to show on the front page of the blog. Long articles can also be split up into multiple parts.

Form UI

I decided to revamp the look of the forms a little based on the beautiful forms at The Wolf's PixelCarnage blog (I hope you don't mind ).

Compared with the old look, font size on the field labels have been turned up and the actual form fields are slightly indented which should make it easier to glance through a form quickly. 

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