No Places in Firefox 2.0

Firefox lead engineer Ben Goodger says that Places will not be in Firefox 2.0. The new Places system delivered an overhaul to the old bookmarks and history system and featured SQLite technology. 

Ben Goodger wrote: "What we have learned though is that the work required to complete Places is probably too substantial to gate the Firefox 2 release. It falls more into the "significant rearchitecture" category of feature that's generally been targeted at Firefox 3."

Michael Schroepfer said: "This is a difficult decision – but doing it this early in the release cycle gives us the time to focus on delivering an extremely high quality FF2 in Q3 and gives Places the room it needs to develop into a truly innovative feature." 

Places will be moved to the trunk and should be in Firefox 3.0. 

Quite disappointing and it'll put the size of the Firefox 2.0 upgrade on more of a par with the Firefox 1.5 upgrade. However, I don't disagree that it was the right decision as Places is no where near usable by end users.

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