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I've been playing around with OdoPlus over the last few days. It sounds a bit useless when you first look at it; in fact the developer's website says the tool "isn't good for anything". Well, I found a good use.

I decided to track my use of the Firefox user interface. It turned out a bit like this:

Odometer for Firefox 

The coloured sections indicate areas which are clicked more. Reds are clicked the most followed by the blues.

The interesting thing was how much I used the close button as I've always been a fan of right click close. The block to the left of the close button probably indicates that I've missed the target for the close button on several occasions.

It's also interesting to see the clickage on the back button. As expected by usability studies, people tend to just wham the cursor straight over to the edge of the screen and click. This usage map shows this. The bottom left hand corner is also used more than the top left hand corner – probably because it is closer to where the cursor usually is.

The map also shows I hardly ever use the Forward and Stop buttons and the Back button is by far the most used button. The Stop button not being clicked is probably due to the fact that pages have generally finished loading before I can even click on Stop and with tabbed browsing, I can be reading another page whilst waiting for that page to load and be able to check up on the loading status by a quick glance at the tabs list. 

In the content area, there seems to be a bit of clickage in the top left hand corner of the page. This is probably due to the fact most sites have a clickable logo in the top right hand corner.

It'd be interesting to see how clickage in Internet Explorer differs. It really annoys me to have to move my mouse cursor to the right hand side of the screen to refresh the page for example.

Other mouse clickage facts – in the last 9 hours running the program:

  • Moved 1,363 meters
  • 5.2 million pixels covered
  • Left clicked 5,923 times
  • Right clicked 246 times
  • Middle clicked 0 times
  • 8,607 wheel ticks

5 thoughts on “Click Distribution in Firefox

  1. I've tried mouse gestures but I didn't find them that useful. They do save time but it's not really worth setting them up and then remembering the gestures.

    I'm also trying to keep my installation of Firefox relatively light with as little extensions as possible.

  2. Otherwise you experience leaks 🙂

    But when you play FPS games, the distribution data goes tits-up and you just get a white dot in the middle of the screen. 

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