Another Stargate TV show?

Good news for gaters out there and sci fi fans in general.

Cohen "says MGM ‘intends’ to develop a theatrical movie ‘derived from the series over the last 10 years’ that would ideally ‘dovetail’ into a third Stargate television show," according to the report.

Stargate SG-1 is the longest running sci-fi show – it’ll overtake the X-Files in the number of episodes it has produced this year. It’s also spun off Stargate: Atlantis and an animated series, Stargate Infinity. Two Stargate games are in the works: Stargate SG-1: The Alliance (FPS) and Stargate Worlds (RPG).

Another Stargate movie is certainly very exciting but a third Stargate television show which could run concurrently with SG-1 and Atlantis is really exciting. I have a few ideas for a new television show for TPTB:

  • Stargate: Orilla – A series dedicated to the Asgard as they battle the replicators, rebuild their civilization and try to solve their genetic cloning problems. Would be a great chance to show how the Asgard go around their daily lives. How many visits to the Smor ("yellow ones") takeaway do Thor and Hermiod make each week? Drunk Kvasir? Are there evil Asgard?
  • Stargate: Enterprise – Following the crew of the Enterprise, Earth’s fifth battle cruiser as they battle aliens from the future and time travelling nazis. Captain Scott Bakula is joined by aliens from around the galaxy on his quest – female jaffa Ish’ta, wraith turned human Michael and earth scientist Coombs. Someone leaps into Rick Berman, changing the timeline, causing the series to get cancelled.
  • Stargate: Furlings – FURLINGS!

I do think that they need to sort out Atlantis before they try to launch a third series. Atlantis is turning into a copy of SG-1 and the Wraith aren’t much of an enemy. Atlantis is also the Joe Flanigan and Rodney McKay show – the other characters hardly get a line. Weir is Hammond with hair and Carson and Ronan are hardly ever used.

They seem to be stretching staff and writers a bit too thin at the moment – SG-1 season 8 was terrible and SGA season 2 was terrible. A third show, unless it was drastically different could just saturate the market.

2 thoughts on “Another Stargate TV show?

  1. Totally agree about Atlantis.  Sometimes the plots are horrible and a huge stretch.  And, the characters tend to me too one dimensional.  Also, just can’t muster up any kind of respect for Ronan.  Just a bully – and a murderous one at that.

     Maybe just too much invested in SG-1 – don’t have anything left for Atlantis.  Still luv SG-1 after all these years!


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