Apple pushes Safari as iTunes Update

CyberNet News reports on Apple pushing Safari 3.1 on Windows as an update to everybody who has iTunes installed. Now fair enough pushing an update to Safari for people who’ve installed it. But to people who haven’t? Steve Jobs said:

How are we going to distribute this? We don’t really talk to these customers, do we? There are over 500,000 downloads of Firefox a day. What are we going to do? Well, it turns out, there are over 1 million downloads of iTunes a day. As a matter of fact, there have been over a half a billion downloads of iTunes to Windows Machines. Over half a billion. And so we know how to reach these customers and we are going to do exactly that.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if we see 500 million copies of Safari for Windows installed soon. Whether anybody will use it and whether this is an ethical thing to do given that Firefox has gained it’s users through word of mouth and actually being a better product is another question.

One thought on “Apple pushes Safari as iTunes Update

  1. I actually had the opposite problem. I installed Safari and the Apple Update was pushing for me to install iTunes. I wish Apple would only prompt to update things that I have installed. I have no problems with them offering other software, as long it is marked as optional and they provide an option to hide it after the first view.

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