AVG: Missing .bin file in Update Manager

I woke up this morning and recieved an error from AVG Anti-Virus which told me I wasn’t protected. In the “Update Manager” component, there is an error saying “missing .bin file”. I’m sure the same scenario will happen to many more people across the land as they turn their computers on!

After doing a bit of digging around, it turns out today’s anti-virus update is corrupt because AVG failed to provide the .bin file. Annoying it certainly is but don’t reinstall AVG or anything: simply wait until tommorow’s update is released and all should hopefully be well. Besides, it’s nowhere near as annoying as McAfee.

One thought on “AVG: Missing .bin file in Update Manager

  1. Asides.. It does not seem to bother you ! But this is the 3rd time this has happened to me in as many weeks. Grisoft are not making a very good job of fixing this problem, so much so that I am Seriousley thinking of changing to another provoder ..

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