BBC iPlayer for Nintendo Wii

The BBC has announced a version of the BBC iPlayer video-on-demand catchup service for the Nintendo Wii.

The iPlayer on the Wii is currently being tested and the BBC expects to release more test versions in late 2008. An early version of the service is available from 9 April. It is only available in the UK to licence-fee payers.

The iPlayer will be accessible via the internet channel on the Wii console. The BBC said a message would be sent to Wii owners to alert them to its availability.

Unfortunately I’ve not actually got the Internet Channel (it costs 500 Wii points so I’ve never got around to purchasing points and then the browser; I didn’t really see much utility in a web browser on the Wii until iPlayer anyway). Though I’m slightly surprised that the iPlayer didn’t make a seperate application in the “Wii Software” section of the Shopping Channel. But presumably the iPlayer for Wii is just a version of the iPlayer website which works better for the Wii (the Internet Channel already has support for Flash).

Update: Comments on The Guardian blog suggests the BBC has simply adapted iPlayer to work with Wii’s Flash 7 and a BBC iPlayer channel is in the works.

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