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The new BBC News website just looks absolutely fantastic. This comes just weeks after the redesign of the BBC homepage. The editors wrote a bit about the new design on their blog. But its a shame that the BBC don’t update the design of old articles on their site although I suppose that it’s nice they’ve kept the old pages as they were originally intended. Congratulations to the BBC News web team.

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3 thoughts on “BBC News

  1. I wasn’t particularly impressed by the redesign – it feels like a lot of space is wasted, especially in the header (where there used to be links to BBC radio/TV etc), and the ‘BBC News’ logo beneath the ‘BBC’ logo feels very redudunant to me!

  2. The new design is great, it’s just a shame that (on Firefox on Mac, at any rate) the sidebar doesn’t quite align where it’s supposed to – and the text seems a bit too spaced out (especially down the bottom).

  3. I agree with Richard. I just don’t get the same feeling with it and although it sort of matches with the main BBC site, it doesn’t feel right. I do like CNN’s website. They should take some inspiration from that.

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