Best Anti-Virus Software? And McAfee Spam…

Here’s a question I wanted to put out to all of you. I currently use AVG Anti-Virus. This is despite having had one years of free McAfee Anti-Virus over the last year (with my broadband subscription) and at the moment I’ve got a free 3 month subscription to Norton Anti-Virus (I haven’t even installed it).

I only managed to use McAfee for about 2 days before deciding it was a resource hog. Recently, I recieved no fewer than eight e-mails from McAfee in short succession asking me to renew my subscription. Subject in bold and quote from email below. In chronological order:

  • SecurityCenter Early Renewal Special, Save Up To 20%
    “Don’t get left behind. Hurry, these special offers expire 29 February 2008.”
  • Renew your McAfee Internet Security by 31st March and get 50% off!
    “We are offering you an early renewal price of just £24.99, so once your initial 1 year trial ends you will benefit from an additional 12 months protection for half the normal price.”
  • OFFERS END SOON – SAVE up to 37% on SecurityCenter Renewal
    “Deals like these don’t come your way very often, so jump on this chance to save a bundle on powerful new 8-in-1 SecurityCenter. Don’t wait, because these offers expire 2 April 2008.”
  • Save 30% on 3 Years of New SecurityCenter
    “See, it really does pay to buy in bulk. Do it soon, because this three-year special offer expires 24 April 2008.”
  • This is your last chance before curtains come down
    “To take advantage of these substantial savings click below, the special renewal offers will expire 30 April 2008.”
  • Your PC Protection Expires in 7 Days.
    “Your subscription expires on: 19/04/2008.”
  • Your PC Protection Expires Today.
    “Don’t risk any interruption in your safety, renew your McAfee Internet Security Suite 3 user license subscription now for just £33.49, save 33% off the regular price.”
  • RENEW NOW, Save 30% on 2 years of SecurityCenter
    “Don’t wait, because this two-year offer expires 9 May 2008.”

As you can see, McAfee are pretty desperate to get me to renew. The deadline for a renewal was extended seven times and the amount of saving fluctuated everywhere. And interestingly, renewing 7 days before the end of the subscription would have meant paying the full price whilst renewing on the day it ended, you would have saved 33%.

What I’d be really interested in is this: which anti-virus solution do you use? Is it worth paying for anti-virus? Should Mac and Linux users install anti-virus?

7 thoughts on “Best Anti-Virus Software? And McAfee Spam…

  1. I’m on a Mac, and though I have a virus scanner installed – I very rarely use it to scan my system. More often than not, I use it to scan files when friends or family have a virus on their Windows machines (by diagnosing the problem on my Mac, I’m not going to make the problem worse on the Windows machine).

    There’s no substitute for safe browsing and good practices when it comes to preventing viruses though. Virus scanners should be thought of as a back up, not as the main defence.

  2. I use eScan antivirus & yes its worth paying for it. eScan provides real time antivirus protection at the gateway level using the MWL(MicroWorld Winsock Layer) technology & email content scanning using NILP(Non Intrusive Learning Patterns). It also has a very effective pop-up blocker, comprehensive parental control along with privacy protection & many more such features.

    To know more about eScan please log on to

    Try the 30 days free trial.

  3. Well I don’t use any anti-virus software, there’s no need to however on the family PC I use OneCare simply because I’m in the beta and get free copies of it.
    They had a cool thing on The Gadget Show the other day which was a USB stick with a small low powered computer inside which was an anti-virus scanner and firewall.

  4. I had Norton preinstalled on my laptop (a Sony Vaio) and had major issues with it. It was a resource hog and I couldn’t even get to the config settings, as the computer would lock up. Got rid of it, and started trying out various other vendors. Started off with AVG, then Avast!, Kaspersky and finally NOD32. I wasn’t impressed with AVG or Avast! Wasn’t impressed by AVG’s interface and it turned out to be a resource hog as well. Avast! on one ocassion said it detected what looked like a suspicious file, but couldn’t actually get rid of or repair it. Kaspesky was good overall but I’ve now been using NOD32 for the last six months and like it.
    According to Wikipedia, a significant portion of it was written in assemby and consequently has a small memory footprint and apparently it is also the one of the fastest scanner out there. I started off with Version 2.x which had an AVG like interface, however that’s been replaced with something better in the new version. I highly recommend it.

    I don’t run and never have run an AV solution on my linux box. Don’t think you require one, unless you’re running an SMTP server and wish to scan mail attachments.

  5. Yet another two spam reminder emails from McAfee…

    PC Protection Expiration Notice
    Renew now and save up to 30%.

    Save 15% on SecurityCenter 2-Year Renewal
    Renew today and get two years of new 8-in-1 McAfee SecurityCenter coverage for just £84.99 (15% off the regular price).

  6. Yet another reminder from McAfee bringing this to my 11th reminder:

    Your PC Protection Has Expired

  7. 12th email from McAfee

    OFFER ENDS 30 JUNE – Save 50% on SecurityCenter Renewal
    Want a great reason to jump on this? Being able to get 50% off the regular price on powerful new McAfee SecurityCenter is a huge deal.

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