Birdsong DAB Station

Last month I wrote a little about DAB digital radio and how several stations including OneWord has been removed from the platform. When the station was removed, it was replaced by a 20 minute loop of “Birdsong”. Birdsong has just hit the big time and has been featured in national newspapers and on BBC News 24.

The Telegraph says:

Half a million listeners so far have tuned in to the Birdsong station, with an increasing number choosing to wake up to the soothing sound every morning.

The station has proved so popular the company behind it has bowed to public pressure for better sound quality and upgraded the recording.

In fact, when I checked last night, it’s bandwidth was increased and it was broadcasting at 192kbps in stereo. Planet Rock broadcasts in 128kbps so I wouldn’t be surprised if birdsong was actually the highest quality station on DAB. Strange use of bandwidth.

People have analysed the recording and identified 12 different species of bird. Very relaxing especially if you live in the city; a really good reason to get a DAB digital radio 🙂 Join the half a million people who are currently waking up to and listening to Birdsong!

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