The third reincarnation of this blog has been going for two months! It was two months ago that I relaunched the blog using WordPress and since then there have been 75 posts on this blog (and slightly more depressingly 10,592 spam comments).

I think blogging is certainly a very rewarding experience, especially so when you write the posts which come more from your experience. A post I made earlier this month on the dilemmas of presenting climate change got linked to from some climate change skeptic websites and certainly received some very interesting comments. Certainly most of us don’t bother finding out both sides of a story before forming an opinion: and blog comments can be very insightful to a blog author in helping them to see both sides of a story.

One dilemma I’ve experienced when blogging is writing about something which is outside the strict confines of the blog. The expressed topic of this blog is science, technology and the internet but occasionally I have written about the environment, economics and politics. Journalists and bloggers always write for a target audience: the readers of their blog. For this blog, my primary audience consists of people interested in technology and web development so diversifying outside of this topic risks losing regular readers. But at the same time, I feel a blog is a personal space to express your thoughts and views: one advantage of blogs is that we’re not limited by story briefs, word counts and what we must write about.

Thanks for reading the blog over the past months and please keep reading! If you’ve got a blog of your own, leave me a note with the URL! And I’d really like to hear your thoughts and feedback on the blog.

3 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. Long time reader, first time commenter! I think it’s perfectly legit to step outside the confines of technology related topics and write about other matters that concern you. Thanks for taking the time to write the blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. An off-topic blog post is still better than nothing at all. I personally just like reading anything I find interesting. I’m always interested in learning new things, so I say go for it.

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