Ajaxian – Blog of the Week

Ajaxian is a wonderful blog for web developers mainly focusing on new technologies which often come under the banner of "Ajax" or "Web 2.0". It’s updated with several entries daily focusing on cool javascripts which you can use on your webpage, interesting implementations of "Ajax" technologies across the web and news relevant to the industry (browsers, toolkits, etc.)

It really is a must-read for the web developer who wants to keep up to date with developments, innovations and new trends in the web development/javascript field.

Check out Planet Ajaxian for an aggregated feed of related blogs. 


Uneasy Silence – Blog of the Week

Uneasy Silence is a really great blog about technology, gadgets and random videos on the internet. It’s not easy to describe the target audience of the blog besides "geeks" as it really is quite a diverse blog but there are around eight to twelve posts a day so there’ll almost always be something for everyone.

Cool Mac applications, sign generators, USB eye warmers, cars, "Web 2.0" sites and quirky stories – it has it all.

A fresh supply of stuff to spam your friends on MSN with every day.

24 ways – Blog of the Week

It’s not often that I’ll recommend a blog in this section which is only a day old. Well, kinda. This week’s blog of the week is "24 ways to impress your friends". It’s a web development blog which will run for this December as a bit of an advent calendar for web developers.

It’s December 1st so this year’s posts have only just begun. The first post is a "Tasty Text Trimmer" written in Javascript which, well, trims text. They show you how to use the YUI Slider widget combined with a Javascript text trimmer to make something which behaves a bit like Safari’s RSS "Article Length" tool.

If you want to get a feel for the blog, check out last year’s postings. Each scripts and posts is written by a different web developer, many of which are well known names in the web development community.

  • Topics: Web Development, Javascript
  • Reading since: 12th December 2005
  • URL: http://24ways.org/ 

Planet Mozilla – Blog of the Week

Planet Mozilla isn’t a blog in the traditional sense. It’s an aggregation of all things Mozilla including build updates from The Burning Edge, the Mozilla Developer webwatch, discussions about the internals of Mozilla Corp., MozillaZine news, Mozilla Labs and posts from Mozilla developers. These range from posts about Thunderbird to Songbird, from XULRunner to Addons.

For anyone with an interest in browsers or Mozilla technologies in general, this is a fantastic aggregated blog to subscribe to. The number of off-topic posts seems to be pretty low and all the stuff there is pretty interesting. It also means you are the first to hear about Mozilla developments and straight from the mouth of the developers.

If you don’t want to subscribe to the full deal but just specific Mozilla blogs, check out the list of blogs on the right hand side.

Modern Life is Rubbish – Blog of the Week

Modern Life is Rubbish is a really enjoyable web development blog. They talk about "Web 2.0" a bit too much, but the articles are really interesting.

It’s split into categories for web design & development, security and SEO

Among the interesting things recently:

And of course, let’s not forget the article on web design cliches. Reflection.js gets a link.

I love the design of this blog. 

Deep Astronomy – Blog of the Week

Tony Darnell‘s Deep Astronomy website is a really interesting read. Although the website says it isn’t a blog, it is regularly updated with astronomy-related articles and videos and has a RSS feed.

There are articles about dark matter, telescopes, cosmic background radiation, near earth objects and more. The articles are well illustrated with images, diagrams and videos. They’re not too technical and are easily approachable, even if you don’t know a lot about astronomy.

If it’s the only thing you look at on this site, I strongly recommend watching the powerful "Hubble Deep Field" video. It really gives you an idea about the size and expanse of our universe and is beautifully made. I love the music too. There is also a video about life in the universe.

I Started Something – Blog of the Week

Long Zheng’s "I Started Something" blog is a technology blog which over time has slowly evolved into a blog which mainly talks about cool innovations and Windows Vista.

The blog provides a fantastic insight into what’s new in Vista. There are interviews with Microsoft staff, some awesome screencasts, and competitions to win software, et al. There are also some tips and tricks for users of Vista – for example Vista scales wallpapers differently depending on how to set it.

bLaugh & Joy of Tech – Blog of the Week

This week’s "blogs of the week" aren’t really blogs in the traditional sense. They don’t consist of articles or stories – rather they look at the world of technology through a web comic.

bLaugh is a web comic describing itself as "the unofficial comic of the blogosphere". I think it’s quite a new comic.

YouTube Killer

Firefox Outfoxes IE

I think it’s quite a new comic and I’ve only been reading it since yesterday but I read through some of the older comics and it’s good stuff.

Joy of Tech is another nice technology comic strip. It’s run by a bunch of Apple fans so most of the comics tend to be pro-Apple. It’s been going for several years and there are some quite amusing comics in the archive. I was a big enough fan at one point to buy the book

It’s also worth mentioning xkcd, a comic which I wrote about a few weeks ago.

CyberNet News – Blog of the Week

CyberNet News describes itself as a technology news website but it reads more like a blog to me which is heavily biased towards Vista, Firefox and cool little applications for Windows.

Part if the reason I love it is because it’s biased towards topics which I love and doesn’t spend too long covering parts of technology which in my opinion, are irrelevent. The blog is well illustrated with images and screenshots and there is a lot of commentary and opinion which is really interesting.

As well as technology news, there is also a daily "CyberNotes" feature which provides an alternative view on technology. Each day, the CyberNote article is on a different topic:

  • Million Dollar Mondays – Expensive technologies.
  • Time Saving Tuesday – Tips and tricks to save time.
  • Web Browser Wednesday – How to get the best out of your web browser.
  • Tutorial Thursdays – How-to guides, etc.
  • Free for all Friday
  • Weekend Warrior – Cool technologies to help you with your travels.

Boing Boing – Blog of the Week

Boing Boing is a blog which describes itself as "a directory of wonderful things". It’s mainly a link to interesting sights and sites around the internet relating to technology, science, current events, videos and DRM.

It’s only slightly related to technology and many non-geeks can enjoy it as a more useful linkdump. 

According to Wikipedia:

Boing Boing was an influence in the development of the cyberpunk subculture. Common themes include technology, futurism, science fiction, gadgets, intellectual property, Disney and political issues.

Boing Boing has twice won the Bloggies for ‘Weblog of the Year’, in 2004 and 2005.

I’ve been really enjoying this blog recently – it’s a ton more interesting to read than a linkdump because the site writes about the links and often has relevant images. The site’s editors also offer their own commentary.