CERN being sued for putting us all at risk?

My friend sent me an article from MSNBC about how Fermilab and CERN are being sued for putting the entire planet at risk from mini black holes and other phenomena by building the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). I thought this article was a joke but it seems to be deadly serious.
For those non-physicists among us, the LHC is a new particle accelerator currently being built in Geneva, Switzerland. It will accelerate the basic fundamental particles of the universe to high speeds and smash them together with the aim of finding out what they are made from and learning more about the birth of the universe.

People have made all kinds of wild speculation about the LHC. The New Scientist published an article earlier this year musing on the possibility of the LHC being a time machine.

I think it would be true to say that scientists can’t say the LHC won’t produce a black hole which would gobble us all up because of their incomplete knowledge of particle physics – it’s this lack of knowledge which is leading them to build the LHC. But I don’t think the risks of the LHC are really significantly large enough to stop them from opening the LHC.

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  1. 35 days left

    It is possible that this Universe in 35 days does not exist anymore. And these are not esoterists these are scientists who think so.

    Safety of this project should be reviewed or our Universe may be gone. Sucked up into a black hole actually.

    CERN LHC will be in production mode on the 21. of May 2008

  2. Quote from

    What it is like to work here

    The following quote is from a blog at, apparently from an insider at CERN LHC:

    ‘I am writing this blog becuase I am seeing some strange things that I have not seen before. I notice higher levels of security, and more US military presence. I hear strange rumors and weird Jokes. I think that there is more going on that what is being let out. i will report to you everything I hear and see.’

    Quote from

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